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Feb 22, 1991: gloating letter about the power of the “blocking” movement

“In a February [22nd] 1991 letter to the vice president of the American Petroleum Institute, Robert Jastrow crowed , “It is generally considered in the scientific community that the Marshall report was responsible for the Administration’s opposition to carbon taxes and restrictions on fossil fuel consumption. Quoting New Scientist magazine, he reported that the Marshall Institute “is still the controlling influence in the White House.”

Oreskes and Conway, 2010 Page 190


The battle over the shape and breadth of the international climate regime was very hard fought in the years 1989 to 1992. The Marshall report refers to an un-peer reviewed paper circulated by the George C Marshall Institute in 1989. Despite being rubbished by scientists (see Science 1989), it had a large amount of influence with the George H.W. Bush White House, in part thanks to the role of then Chief of Staff John Sununu.

Other things that happened on this day:

2004 Pentagon “secret report” reported in Guardian

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