Feb 20, 1989: Canadians host meeting of “Legal and Policy Experts on the Protection of the Atmosphere”

During 20-22 February 1989 the Canadian government hosted an International meeting of Legal and Policy Experts on the Protection of the Atmosphere, in Ottowa. This produced a statement which comprised a series of elements to be included in a framework convention on the protection of the atmosphere. It included the provision that ‘States should consider the possibility of establishing a World Atmosphere Trust Fund. At the same time, the first conference on perspectives on global warming from developing countries was held in New Delhi.

Page 36 Paterson, M (1996)

After the June 1988 Toronto Conference there was a flurry of conferences and high-level meetings, which is what you usually get when an issue bursts onto the public agenda. That’s all a quarter of a century ago, now, and largely forgotten. However, the parameters that were laid down then, and the negotiating positions taken, had huge “path dependency” effects. Hohum.


Other things that happened on this day:

2013 retired admiral titley on climate http://nuweb.neu.edu/cssh/blog/2013/02/climate-change-and-national-security/

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