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Feb 11, 1994: Clinton signs an “Executive Order” on Environmental Justice

Clinton issues executive order telling all agencies of federal government (above and beyond EPA) to consider “Environmental Justice


Environmental Justice is a big important concept that some of us white middle-class environmentalists are, to our shame, not comfortable with. Where the factory, or the toxic waste dump, gets sited are deeply important if you live down-range or down wind. And chances are you are poor or people of colour or most likely both. But the question of social, economic and environmental justice is a “frame expansion” (Snow and Benford) that some environmentalists are uncomfortable with – it is “importing a political agenda”, or words to that effect…  Props to those folks in Warren County, North Carolina.

Other things that happened on this day:

2011 Australian Environment minister Greg Combet releases information about Australian delegation to Copenhagen, in response to fishing expedition by Opposition

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