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Jan 29, 2006: New York Times breaks “Bush muzzling Hansen” story

The top climate scientist at NASA says the Bush administration has tried to stop him from speaking out since he gave a lecture last month calling for prompt reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming.”

So begins Andy Revkin’s story in the New York Times. Revkin can now be found writing here.


Conservatives” and business interests have been waging a war on the science that quantifies the damage to human and planetary health caused by our technologies for a looong time (the distinction between “impact” science – see above – and “production” science – GM, nuclear etc – is useful). This seems to enrage people more than the fact that the politicians who “accept” climate change but continue to subsidise the infrastructure that is doing the damage (fossil fuels, airport expansion etc) and instead indulge in policies of ‘symbolic placation’ are every bit as culpable, no?

See also: Mark Bowen “Censoring Science: Inside the attack on Dr. James Hansen and the Truth of Global Warming.

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