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Jan 23, 1995: Larsen A ice sheet starts cracking up

On January 23rd 1995, the Larsen A ice shelf in Antarctica started cracking.

‘On the twenty-third of January, they called me over the radio and said: ‘Rudi, something’s happening, the ice shelf is breaking.’ An enormous crack had opened from the edge of the shelf on the Weddell Sea up to the mountains,’ said del Valle, who heads the earth sciences department at Argentina’s National Antarctic Institute. Flying six thousand feet overhead in a light plane, del Valle saw that the ice shelf, up to a thousand feet thick in places, was beginning to break up into smaller icebergs. ‘It was spectacular because what once was a platform of ice more than forty miles wide had been broken up into pieces that looked like bits of polystyrene foam … smashed by a child.

Gelbspan, 1998:2

And here’s the “attribution” page…

Gelbspan, R. (1998) The Heat is On The Climate Crisis, the cover-up, the prescription. Updated edition Boston: Basic Books

Rapid Collapse of Northern Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Science, 9 February 1996: Vol. 271 no. 5250 pp. 788-792
DOI: 10.1126/science.271.5250.788

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