Jan 19, 2011: US and China do some post-Copenhagen fence-mending

On 19th January, 2011 Barack Obama and Hu Jintao make a joint statement with the usual boilerplate about climate change and energy security.


This was yet another bit of fence-mending after the horrorshow of Copenhagen. As usual, US Big Green called (for the twenty gazillionth time) for a ‘wartime-like mobilization’ to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Three and a half-years later, ahead of the G20, the US and China actually make some more specific statements. Possibly motivated by a desire to make Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott look even more silly.

Even more context:

These are the two big beasts. What they do matters. If you want to start to get your head around it, have a read of Jeff Goodell’s excellent piece in Rolling Stone China, the Climate and the Fate of the Planet.

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