Jan 12, 2000: National Academies of Science and Engineering release Another Report

On January 12th, 2000 the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science and of Engineering releases a report with new evidence that “Helps Reconcile Global Warming Discrepancies; Confirms That Earth’s Surface Temperature Is Rising.” For all the good that will do.

Context:Throughout the 90s satellite data that appeared to show that “Global Warming Isn’t Happening” was rolled out with depressing frequency. After this report, and others (see a skeptical science bust-a-myth page here), that particular meme was, if not totally retired, then at least relegated to the darker corners of the interwebz.

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Other things that happened on this day:

1983 – Carroll Wilson, author of “Inadvertent Climate Modification: Report of the Study of Man’s Impact on Climate.” died

2007  – Lawrence Solomon writes an article for his “Deniers” column that implies that Nigel Weiss, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics thinks the “world is about to enter a cooling period.”  It takes Weiss three months to get an apology and correction.  See Hoggan, 2009, page 158-161

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