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Jan 9, 2004: UK Chief Scientific Adviser lays into the Bush Administration

On 9th January, 2004 the BBC reported that Sir David King, the Chief Scientific Adviser to Her Majesty’s Government, expressed some undiplomatic thoughts on our cousins.

Context: The UK, ever keen to play Athens to the US’s Sparta, had been doing detailed and useful scientific work on climate change for a Long Time. It was a conservative PM, Margaret Thatcher, who’d opened the Hadley Centre in 1990. By January 2004 we’d all see Dubya in “action” for 3 years. Sir David King, for one, had had enough. In a BBC report he is quoted as having told the journal Science –

“As the world’s only remaining superpower, the United States is accustomed to leading internationally co-ordinated action…. But at present the US Government is failing to take up the challenge of global warming.

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