June 19, 2012 – Tony Abbott defends the Renewable Energy Target. No, seriously.

TENSIONS have erupted in the Coalition over a key climate change policy less than two weeks before the introduction of the carbon tax from July 1.

Tony Abbott was yesterday forced to stare down a backbench challenge to the party’s support for the 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target as senior backbenchers blamed it for adding to electricity prices amid a backlash over last week’s 18 per cent price increases in NSW and South Australia.

Maher, S. 2012. Abbott forced to quell backbench climate rift. The Australian, 20 June, p.1.

June 18, 1991 – Coronation Hill cabinet debate leads to uranium mining ban

On this day in 1991, at the end of a long and fractious Cabinet meeting, PRime Minister Bob Hawke used his personal authority to ban uranium mining in the Kakadu National Park ( the Coronation Hill cabinet decision). It was the beginning of the end for Hawke, who was gone five months later, and also was the impetus for the Industry Greenhouse Network, such was the anger among mining interests.

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1972 “On 18 June 1972, Patrick White made his début as a public speaker from the back of a truck in Sydney’s Centennial Park. He was there to address a rally against the state government’s plan to turn the area into a sports centre, which would have ruined the ecology and amenity of the park.” Peter Ferguson “Patrick White, green bans and the rise of the Australian new left”

2004  AAP, 2004. Australia branded worst greenhouse polluter. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 June. Environmentalists today urged the government to do more to develop renewable energy technologies, amid news that Australia had been branded the world’s worst greenhouse gas polluter. Green groups and industry associations held a crisis meeting in Canberra to develop an urgent action plan for the environment ahead of the federal election.

Ferguson M., 2008. Carbon capture and storage bill introduced. Press release by the Hon Martin Ferguson, Federal Minister for Resources and Energy, 18 June 2008. (cited in Warren et al. 2016)

2013 National Wind Power Fraud Rally in Canberra

2014 The Government introduces the first Direct Action legislation: The Carbon Farming Initiative Amendment Bill 2014 establishes the Emissions Reduction Fund, the keystone of the Direct Action Plan.

2015 Technical Advisory Forum on climate records releases report: “The report found that BOM’s temperature data-set is well maintained, but suggests that BOM refine some of  its statistical methods, improve public understanding of  the program, and avoid using jargon when discussing uncertainty.”



June 17, 2007 – “Carbon Sense” coalition formed

On this day in 2007 (it seems) the “Carbon Sense Coalition” put up its first post.  It describes itself as “a voluntary group of people concerned about the extent to which carbon is wrongly vilified in Western societies, particularly in government, the media, and in business circles. We aim to restore balance and reason to the carbon debate, and to explain and defend the key role of carbon in production of most of our energy for heat, light, and transportation, and all of our food.”

June 17th, 2007 |

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1989 Review of THE Greenhouse Effect –

Moran, A. 1994. Cool appraisal time for global warming. The Australian Financial Review, 17 June, p. 26.

Global warming is a con. There is no justification for threatening those jobs that depend on coal and thermal power stations, says ALAN MORAN THE greenhouse phenomenon has raised far more hot air than has emerged from global temperature records. Not all agree with this. Greenpeace has launched its “Climate Timebomb” catalogue, claiming documentary evidence of global warming attributable to increased emissions of carbon dioxide.

17 June 2009  Christine Milne ‘The Climate Nightmare is Upon Us


2009 Turnbull ‘don’t snuggle up’ to Labor…. (see Taylor, 19 June)

Taylor, L. 2009. Opposition tells industry: don’t `snuggle up’ to Labor — Turnbull puts heat on business. The Australian, 19 June, p.1.

MALCOLM Turnbull has attacked big business for “snuggling up” to Labor, demanding business publicly back the Coalition strategy of amending and then passing the government’s emissions trading laws.

In a blunt exchange with about 30 chief executives at a Business Council of Australia breakfast at Parliament House on Wednesday, Mr Turnbull attacked business for being “intimidated” into supporting the government and for failing to publicly push for amendments to the laws.

2014 “I am not a citizen of Australia, and I don’t feel I have the privilege of entering your political debate,”

O’Malley, N. 2014. Al Gore: Saving the future. The Age, 17 June, p.20.

2014 Ray Evans dies (Mr Climate Denial Australia)


June 16, 1994 – Keating meets greens and business over a carbon tax…

On this day in 1994 Prime Minister Paul Keating met with over a hundred greenies, state governments and also business groups.  The Australian Coal Association and Australian Mining Industry Council prepared a paper saying it was “high time we stopped mouthing undefinable expressions” and pursued more precision in a so-called “burden-sharing agreement”. (Gill, 1994, 17 June)

Dwyer, (1994, 17 June)  reported that

“The meeting thrust the greenhouse issue onto the economic agenda, with 10 business groups demanding the Government adopt measures that reflected Australian industry’s greater use of energy before agreeing to further international targets on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Environmental groups mounted a strong counter-attack at the meeting by accusing the Government of failing to match the effort of other countries in responding to the United Nations Climate Change Convention.”

Dwyer, M. 1994. Greenhouse ‘won’t put us in the red’. The Australian Financial Review, 17 June, p.3.

Gill, P. 1994. Call to form strategic alliances.  Australian Financial Review, 17 June.





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2004 Howard launches idiotic energy policy (the Energy White Paper)

2008 Greenpeace declares “War on Coal”- Alexander, C. 2008. Fed: Greenpeace declares war on coal. Australian Associated Press General News, 16 June.

Taylor, L. 2012Climate strategy up in smoke. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 June.

IT WAS the technology that was going to help underpin the nation’s climate change strategy. In 2009, the then prime minister, Kevin Rudd, pledged to ”lead the world” in carbon capture and storage technology, which traps carbon dioxide emissions, permanently storing them deep underground.

June 15, 1994 – embarrassing IPA #climate denial piece in Canberra Times

On this day in 1994 the pretty-good-on-climate newspaper the Canberra Times published a frankly embarrassing piece by IPA operative Andrew McIntyre, under the title “No proof of global warming” (Canberra Times, June 15, p.17)

To be fair, there were rebuttals by Greenpeace published on the 20th, and by scientist Neville Nicholls on 26th and 29th!!

Still, this didn’t prevent McIntyre getting another column, on 30th November the same year…

June 14, 2014 – First mammal extinction from climate change?

On this day in 2014, National Geographic reported

A small rodent that lived only on a single island off Australia is likely the world’s first mammal to be a casualty of climate change, scientists report this week.

The Bramble Cay melomys (Melomys rubicola) seems to have disappeared from its home in the eastern Torres Strait of the Great Barrier Reef, the scientists say. The animal was last seen by a fisherman in 2009, but failed attempts to trap any in late 2014 have prompted scientists to say it is likely extinct.


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2011  Climate change threat to Australia’s top wines. Adelaide Advertiser

By Robert Burton-Bradley, NewsComAu

CLIMATE change is a ticking time-bomb for Australia’s $5.5 billion wine industry and threatens some of our favourite wines with extinction, a study has revealed.

CSIRO climate change scientist and wine expert Leanne Webb examined ripening times across Australia and found grapes were maturing faster in recent warmer temperatures, affecting quality and taste.

Some growers say they are already modifying their winemaking to cope with the effects and at least one major player is taking steps to move production further south.

June 13, 1989 – “Engineers want greenhouse plan”

Everyone talking climate change in 1989…

The international community must take immediate steps to revise its energy strategies to ameliorate the greenhouse effect, the Institution of Engineers, Australia, warned yesterday.

Presenting its position paper, The Impact of Energy Use on the Greenhouse Effect, the association recommended action based on the premise that fossil fuels would continue to supply most of the world’s energy needs.

1989  Lewis, S. 1989. Engineers want greenhouse plan. Australian Financial Review, 14 June.

Also on this day- 

Rudd, Kevin. 2008. ‘Australia-Indonesia joint leaders’ statement on climate change, with the President of the Republic of Indonesia’. Media release. Prime Minister. Jakarta, Indonesia. 13 June 2008.  Indonesia carbon sink forestry thing